I want to withdraw/cancel my withdrawal request for my account data.
To withdraw your account  from ASTRA: Knights of Veda, you can access the withdrawal option through the [Settings> Account > Leave Game] after logging into the game. There is a 14 day grace period after activating this option for the choice to be reversed.You can cancel the request at any point within those 14 days through the [Cancel Withdrawal Request] menu. Once the grace period has passed all data will be systematically deleted, becoming unrecoverable. The complete withdrawal process will co
After deleting my account, I would like to reuse my previous nickname.
A nickname used on a previous account cannot be used again for 14 days.Once the withdrawal grace period has expired and your game information has been deleted, you can reuse your previous nickname.
What do I do if my account has been reset?
If you change the device you're using or reinstall the game and log in with an account different from the one you initially used to sign in to [ASTRA: Knights of Veda], it may seem like your progress has been reset.Please make sure that the account you're currently logged into is the same as the one you previously used. If you're having trouble verifying your existing account, you can find it using the steps below:■ How to check your Google account1. Log in with Google > Select your profile in t
My external account (Google/Apple/Steam) account is inactive (deactivated).
If you have withdrawn from or deactivated an external account (Google/Apple ID/Steam) you linked, you will not be able to access the [ASTRA: Knights of Veda] community or use the game.In this case, please inquire with the customer support of the external account provider (Google/Apple/Steam) about the possibility of restoring your account.If you are using a HYBE IM ID and have linked multiple external accounts to it, you can also log in with your HYBE IM ID or another linked external account, no
I want to delete a character created on a specific server then recreate it.
The function to delete or withdraw characters from a specific server is not provided separately.Please be aware that if you proceed with withdrawal from one server, the account itself will be withdrawn, resulting in the deletion of characters on all servers.